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tvxq/jyj pastel mvs

Are we really a revolution?


“I don’t know how long… but it’s been some time,
how much do I really know about you?

It’s strange… how even as I run in circles

as if resisting my advance to a busy future
my heart still draws you”- [Hitomi Nu Jyunin]

30 Days DBSK Edit Challenge

Day 7: Edit of your OTP [Yunjae]


ELLE 2006

dbsk - color palettes [ 3/ ? ]


if someone says, “it’s getting hot in here” and your immediate reaction isn’t, “SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES” you have lived your life wrong


Yunjae : ……………..

Photographer : …HUM!

Yunjae : *OOPS* …uhm what happened ?!

Yoochun :

Shinobi Files 3/?: Haruno Sakura-“I may not have amazing weapons like a puppet in me, but what I do have is my master’s contempt for losing!”


Anonymous asked: Cloud or Lightning?

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